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September 11th, 2007
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Born on September 11th, 2007. He is 7lb 10oz and perfect.

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September 2007
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He changes a little everyday. He has blue eyes, but it will be 4 months before we know if his eyes will remain that color. And his blonde hair might change color too.

But he's very alert, watches everything we do and loves to wake us up at 2am to be fed.

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October 2007
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He's only be 3 weeks old, but he's already under the impression that we're going to drive him everywhere. What are you thinking son? If you want to go anywhere then you can drive yourself, don't expect your Mum and Dad to drive you to the store for food, or to your first soccer game.

I think it's time you took some responsibility and learned how to drive. In fact, get your own car. So for your first driving lesson, pay attention...

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October-December 2007
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Our little pumpkin (dressed as a pumpkin) found a little pumpkin and thought the little pumpkin looked tasty. So we gave our little pumpkin a taste of the pumpkin, but the little pumpkin eater didin't like the little pumpkin, so our little pumpkin had no pumpkin pie for supper.

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