Havasupai Indian Reservation - Grand Canyon
September, 1998
On the western end of the Grand Canyon is the Havasupai Indian Reservation. Accessible only by foot (or helicopter), the reservation is an 8-mile hike from the canyon rim to the valley floor and the village of Supai. 'Havasupai' translates to 'People-Of-The-Blue-Green-Waters' in English. The water in the canyon is a blue-green color because of its high limestone content.

We spent 2 nights camping in the canyon and swimming in the waterfalls along the river. On the morning we planned to leave, heavy rain further up the canyon caused the river to rise and turned the water to a muddy brown. At 4am, we were woken by a Havasu Indian who asked everyone to pack and leave in a hurry as there was a chance of a flash-flood (something that had happened several times before).

So as we hiked out, the once blue water in Havasu Falls didn't look as amazing, and the people we passed who were hiking into the canyon would not get to see it at it's best.