Yosemite - Climbing Half Dome
September 23rd, 2005
We arrived in Yosemite with the intention of hiking the Panoramic Trail to Glacier Point. We started the hike and were already a mile along the path when we passed a sign that read 'Glacier Point - 8.5 miles, Half Dome - 8.5 miles'.   We stopped, thought about it for a second, and wondered if we were really prepared....but Half Dome just sounded cooler!   We changed our course right there.

What we didn't consider was the fact that Half Dome is 1,600ft higher than Glacier Point. And if we'd known that the climb would be so tough, we would have brought some gloves for the climb up the cables.

Distance Hiked - 17 miles round-trip (from Happy Isles bridge)
Elevation Gain - 4,800 ft
Time Taken - 8½ hours
September 24th, 2005  Pain....so much pain. I didn't think climbing half dome would hurt so much the next day.
With no more hiking planned (we could barely walk), we drove along the Tioga Road (Highway 120) all the way across Yosemite, leaving the park at the Tioga Pass on the Eastern edge of the park.