Oahu - Hawaii
January 8th, 2006  Any excuse for a vacation!  With Anastasia close to completing her Masters Degree in English Literature, we visited Oahu so she could present her paper on 'Mesmerism' that had been accepted at the 'Hawaii International Conference on Arts & Humanities' in Honolulu.
But there was no way we would fly to Hawaii just for the conference, so we stayed for a week and traveled around the island.
In the hills above Honolulu there are dozens of hiking trails through the rain forest, but there are very few visitors to this area. The beaches are just minutes away (where it is always sunny) and this area is almost always cloudy (and raining). In the 3 hours we spent there (on the Makiki Valley Trail), we only saw one other hiker.
This area contains some fantastic scenery, with views over Honolulu and Diamond Head, but the main reason to hike here is to see the Banyan trees that grow in a small area high on the hills.
The beaches along the eastern shore of Oahu are almost deserted, since most people seem to stay on Waikiki beach in Honolulu.