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January 6th, 2007
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We've been to Yosemite several times, but it's always been in the spring or summer and we've always gone there to go hiking. But this time we travelled there in winter, just to see the valley covered in snow.

But the weekend didn't get off to a very good start. Within 2 miles of entering the park, I lost control of the truck on an icy road, spun 180° and ended up stuck in a snow bank.   With no damage to the car (but a big dent in my pride), we were lucky that the truck following us was able to pull us out within a couple of minutes.   A few miles further along the road I spun out again, but this time I managed to stay on the road.  After that, the chains stayed on the car for the rest of the weekend.

Once in the valley, we found that half of it was covered in snow and the other half was clear, because the sun didn't reach some parts of the valley at any time of the day. It wasn't what we expected to see, but it was a good contrast.

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