Made in England - Published Photos
Photos published in 'TNT Magazine', London, England

Shortly after returning from a trip around the World, I tried getting a few of my photographs published in various travel magazines. At the time, I was studying 'Freelance Photo-Journalism' and thought it would be a good way to learn how to sell my own pictures.

One magazine that was really interested was 'TNT', a free magazine found on the streets of London aimed mainly at Australian backpackers. I sent them several photos and then waited for their call. Some months later, I happened to be looking through a copy of TNT and found my pictures had been published. The magazine never told me that they had been used, or sent any payment for their use. Over the next few weeks, I found more pictures in print and probably missed many others. It was my first lesson that publishing is not the most honest of professions.

I sent TNT an Invoice for the use of my photos and proceeded to over-charge them! I was surprised when a cheque arrived some weeks later for the full amount.

So now I guess we're even.

Page 1 - June 19, 1995
That's me standing in front of Kanchenjunga, while hiking in the mountains north of Darjeeling, India.
The second photo is of children we passed while hiking out of the mountains, again near Darjeeling.

Page 2 - April 24, 1995
The mountain Gorillas in eastern Zaire (now 'The Republic of Congo'). My guide with another hiker.

Page 3 - Nov. 21, 1994
Driving conditions in eastern Zaire, and this was on a good day!
TNT Magazine, Hiking in Darjeeling
Original Photos Here
TNT Magazine, Gorillas in East Africa
Original Photo Here
TNT Magazine, Driving through Zaire
Original Photo Here

The stories printed with the photos are not mine. I sent my own stories but they were not used.
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