John O'Groats To Lands End

John O'Groats To Lands End is the most famous hike in the UK, stretching from the far North of Scotland to the south western tip of England. It's an 874 mile drive by the most direct route (motorways, main roads), longer by the back-roads, longer still if you walk. Thousands of people have walked or cycled the distance, but many try to make the trip while doing something unusual, something so unique that it could even be entered into the 'Guinness Book Of World Records'.

There are Records for the fastest run, fastest hitch-hike, walking backwards, crawling, pushing beds, walking naked and one person even pushed a pea with his nose the entire way. But there were no records for pushing an 8½ ton truck, so it really wasn't such a crazy idea.

Why Push A Truck?

I'm not sure where the idea came from, but I do know that the original plan was to do something much smaller, such as pushing a car around Sheffield for a day. But it quickly grew into pushing a truck 1,200 miles while trying to raise £500,000 for 'The National Deaf Children's Society'. The truck was the largest and heaviest produced in England at the time, and Frank Didsbury just happened to have one!

World Record Truck Push    World Record Truck Push route across Britain

A World Record !

The 'Truck Push' began on September 14th 1986, took 65 days to complete and traveled 1,126 miles. We had been featured on the TV show 'Record Breakers' (BBC) and our progress was covered in the Local and National press, with dozens of Newspaper Articles.
No matter how difficult it was, and no matter how steep the hills were along the way, the Truck was pushed every inch of the way. It was never driven at any time, either to make it easier for us or to save us some time. Whether the 'Guinness Book of Records' know this fact is impossible to say, but to my knowledge the record still stands, as no-one has been crazy enough to try this stunt again.