World Record Truck Push - Newspaper Articles

I apologize if some of these newspaper articles take a long time to download, but if I made them any smaller, the print would be too small to read.

Pushing The Limits Sheffield Star - August 2nd, 1986
'Pushing The Limits' - This is one of the early newspaper articles trying to drum up support for the Truck Push. There was already a solid crew by this time, we had already pushed the truck hundreds of miles in training, but we still needed more people if we were going to push it another 1,000 miles.
Dole Money And Job Threats Sheffield Star - August, 1986
Shortly before leaving to John O'Groats, everyone was in danger of losing their unemployment benefits as they 'would not be available to work'.
I was one of the 6 people mentioned in this article who lost their jobs because of the Truck Push, but it would be more accurate to say that 6 people quit their jobs, since my employer wouldn't give me any time off.
Shove Goes On Sheffield Star - September 10th, 1986
As with all best-laid plans, something always goes wrong at the last minute. Because most of the volunteers on the Truck Push were unemployed (who else could spare 2 months for this), unemployment benefits were cut to them the day before we left.
Hypothermia Sheffield Star - September 18th, 1986
The bad weather during the first days definately took its toll, and the hills in Scotland were steeper than anything we had been up before. What could be worse than pushing an 8 1/2 truck up steep hills in the rain and cold? Well, not much really.
Five Step Out Sheffield Star - September, 1986
When the going gets tough...sure there were a few problems when we first started and some of the claims in this story are actually true (I do remember getting soaked). But these unforseen problems were quickly fixed.
Keep On Truckin' Sheffield Star - September, 1986
Injuries Sheffield Star - September, 1986
Romantic Road Sheffield Star - September 16th, 1986
Tired Pushers Sheffield Star - October 6th, 1986
This was the biggest story written about the Truck Push. Every story to this point had been focused on the problems and the complaints of those that had dropped out. But the Truck kept on rolling, so this attempted to set the record straight.
Claims Denied Sheffield Star - October, 1986
Journey Home Sheffield Star - October, 1986
Sheffield was home to everyone on the push and everyone planned to take a few days off while we were there. But it also marked the the half-way point.
Pushed For Time Sheffield Star - October, 1986
The 5 week Truck Push was turning into a 10 week Truck Push as we were running a long way behind schedule. While training for the push during the previous 3 months, we calculated how far we could travel in a day (I think we could travel 25-30 miles per day). But to continue to do that day after day proved to be impossible.
Nosh Sheffield Star - October, 1986
A bit behind schedule, but the Town Hall Reception with the Lord Mayor of Sheffield was waiting for us. It had taken almost 5 weeks to reach Sheffield, the same amount of time we had planned to complete the entire trip !! So we knew another 5 weeks were required to reach Lands End.
Babies Sheffield Star - October, 1986
Now here's a feel-good story for you.... A husband leaves his wife at home (who's 8 months pregnant) to join the Truck Push. He rushes home to see their new-born baby at the half-way point, then leaves them again to continue with the Push for another 5 weeks. Now THAT'S a dedicated Truck Pusher.
Theives Sheffield Star - October 28th, 1986
Bottom Gear Sheffield Star - November 14th, 1986
With just 70 miles to go, there's nothing like a sad story to get us back into the newspaper! I don't remember the rain (it's England, it always rains) and there was no danger of quitting, but those last hills really did slow us down. We all thought the South of England would be flat, but the hills just rolled into the distance and never ended.
Big Push Sheffield Star - November 18th, 1986
Love Shove The Sun - November 19th, 1986
Without a doubt, the most dissapointing newspaper story printed about the trip was this in 'The Sun', the largest newspaper in the country.
A photographer and journalist came to Lands End and interviewed several members of the team. But 2 days later, this is all they printed, and the biggest publicity we could have hoped for turned to nothing. The Sun Newspaper SUCKS. But I'm not bitter.
Bleak Future Sheffield Star - End November, 1986
And we all lived happily ever after...well...not quite. Reality set in as soon as we returned. I don't know what happened to most people after the truck push, wether they found work or remained unemployed. I was lucky, I called my boss and got my old job back the day after I returned. But I lost touch with almost everyone, and even forgot most of their names too. Sorry.

      One Year Later...
Rodney Gets Help Sheffield Star - August, 1987
As you read many of the newspaper articles, you'll find a lot of conflicting information about how much money the Truck Push actually raised for charity. The goal was to raise £500,000, but in the end we raised £30,000.
Final Donation Sheffield Star - August, 1987
One year later a small group of us visited Hazelbarrow School in Sheffield and presented them with cheques totaling 29,000 we raised. Half went directly to the school and the rest to the National Deaf Childrens Society.