World Record Truck Push - John O'Groats To Lands End

World Record Truck Push Another field becomes our next campsite. Our support crew drove ahead of the truck each day guessing how far we would travel (we averaged about 20 miles a day). Then they would search for a campsite or building where we might be allowed to stay for free (and take a shower) or an open field (where we couldn't!).
World Record Truck Push Progress had been slow up to this point. About 20 people had already gone home and with several injuries, we were far behind schedule. But no one was concerned, the 60 or so people remaining were still sure it could be done.
World Record Truck Push A lunchtime break with a cup of tea and a sandwich. Cigarette and haircut optional. World Record Truck Push It's no fun washing up for 60 people. Malc must have done something really bad to get this punishment!
World Record Truck Push Sheffield Star - October 6th, 1986
This was the biggest story written about the Truck Push. Every story to this point had been focused on the problems and the complaints of those that had dropped out. But the Truck kept on rolling, so this attempted to set the record straight.
World Record Truck Push While pushing the truck on the flat, or uphill, most people would be pushing. Everyone found their favorite place on the frame and kept the same spot for the whole trip (that's me, front left). When the truck coasted downhill, everyone sat on the frame and rode along.
One of the things that kept us occupied on the long march were a few chants created by 'Joe Ninety' (Gavin). Why he started singing these I'll never know, but I remember all of them. New chants would be made-up as we went along, and even though they were all pretty funny, some of them were just bizarre...
World Record Truck Push Joe:
Oh you'll never go to heaven...
On FD1...
'Cos FD1...
Weighs eight 'an half ton...
World Record Truck Push Welcome To Scotland? Sorry, we're heading South, so it's bye bye. World Record Truck Push The England-Scotland border was a significant milestone. We left the Scottish mountains behind thinking England would be much easier, thinking the worst was over. But with another 800 miles still to go, we were wrong.
The team was getting smaller by the day and the hills just got longer, not steeper.
World Record Truck Push As soon as we reached Newcastle we paid a visit a local deaf children's school.
The purpose of the visit was to show the kids what we were trying to do, to raise money and help the schools buy equipment that would make their lives easier. But what it really did was to boost the moral of the team and show them that we were pushing this truck 1,200 miles for a very good cause.
World Record Truck Push The next day as we pushed the truck out of Newcastle, the deaf children's school we visited the previous day gave everyone the day off so the kids could come out and help us.
They cheered us on, took collection tins and collected along the roadside and for a while, I think the only people pushing the truck were the kids!! They followed us out to the edge of the city, then waved us goodbye.
World Record Truck Push The children's parents talk to several members of the team while we take a break.
It's a chance for the kids to climb on the truck and see how we manage to get 50 people all pushing the truck at the same time (one of the most common questions they asked us).
World Record Truck Push The platform built on the back of the truck was a good spot for the kids to sit while we pushed the truck with them on it.