World Record Truck Push - John O'Groats To Lands End

World Record Truck Push You can never miss a chance for a photo, but let's keep it real; these guys look like they are posing for a studio portrait. Did David Bailey take this picture?

Back Row: (can't remember)
Middle Row: Malc, Dean, Tim
Front Row: Andrew, (Can't remember) and Mark.
And there's a good chance I got most of those names wrong.
World Record Truck Push Traveling between towns, the Police continued to escort us everywhere. There had been more than one traffic accident caused by the Truck Push, either by cars overtaking us into incoming traffic or by people driving past, staring at the truck and driving off the road.

Occasionally we created backups miles long, and the Police would ask us to pull over regularly to let them pass.
World Record Truck Push This shows an average day, with most places on the frame taken up and about 30 people pushing. At the back, you can just see (the arm) of those that walked along behind, doing the important job of collecting. They probably walked twice as far as anyone else, since they zigzagged all over the place instead of walking straight down the road like most of us. World Record Truck Push Here's 'Joe Ninety' asleep in the pub. I don't think it was the truck push made him so tired, it was probably all the singing!
Sing it Joe...
World Record Truck Push Joe:
Oh you'll never go to heaven...
In a Playtex bra...
'Cos a Playtex bra...
Wont stretch that far...
Bottom Gear Sheffield Star - November 14th, 1986
With just 70 miles to go, there's nothing like a sad story to get us back into the newspaper! There was no danger of quitting, but those last hills really did slow us down.
We all thought the South of England would be flat, but the hills just rolled into the distance and never ended.
World Record Truck Push We see the South coast for the first time and we know that Land End is over those hills in the distance ('s a long way over those hills). But it's there and we know it.
World Record Truck Push Only about 8 miles from the end, we were struggling to push the truck up one of the last hills, so even the Police escort jumped out of his car to help us. World Record Truck Push Phew, it's a good thing they put this sign here, wouldn't want to take a wrong turn now.
World Record Truck Push The 'First And Last' pub in England (depending on which way you're traveling), and we didn't even stop for a pint! World Record Truck Push Frank had been pushing the truck almost every mile of the way. With all the organization that had gone into this Truck Push, I'm sure he'd been kept busy day and night.
World Record Truck Push I don't think the truck would have moved faster down this last stretch, even if it was in top gear. Everyone gave a last burst of speed and ran the truck to the finishing line, Lands End.
It's hard to see in this photo, but there's a group of people holding a 'Finishing Line' banner at the end of the road.
World Record Truck Push Congratulations all round, 65 days of pushing had paid off. Here it looks like we pushed the truck to within 6 inches of the Lands End Pub.
I think we could have got it a bit closer myself.
World Record Truck Push Winding down, but with a lot of work still to be done.
The framework and sponsors boards attached to the back of the truck had to be dismantled and packed up, to allow the truck to be driven back to Sheffield.
Big Push Sheffield Star - November 18th, 1986
I love the line in this story that says 'a push like this may be useless in itself...'
But when you stop to think about it, it still amazes me that so many people believed in such a crazy idea as to actually make it happen.