World Record Truck Push - John O'Groats To Lands End

World Record Truck Push Wayne and me at Lands End. Those of you with sharp eyes will notice that the shoes I'm wearing here are the very same shoes I was wearing at John O'Groats!!
They were so worn out and the soles were so smooth by the end that I asked every member of the team to sign the bottom of them, and I've kept them to this day (I'll even post a picture of those signatures soon).
World Record Truck Push We had all trained for about 3 months to get ready for this trip and it took over 2 months to complete.
I think everyone was a bit thirsty by the end.
World Record Truck Push A few of us gather for a final picture. It was going to be a quick shot, but everyone else saw a good photo opportunity and decided to join us.
Within a few minutes, the following picture was taken at the same spot.
World Record Truck Push Almost everyone that made it to Lands End (about 30 of the original 80) line up for a photo for the newspapers. I don't think the picture was every published, but a few small stories were.
World Record Truck Push The Sun Newspaper - November 19th, 1986
Without a doubt, the most disappointing newspaper story printed about the trip was this in 'The Sun', the largest newspaper in the country. A photographer and journalist came to Lands End and interviewed several members of the team. But 2 days later, this is all they printed, and the biggest publicity we could have hoped for turned to nothing.
The Sun Newspaper SUCKS. But I'm not bitter.
World Record Truck Push Sheffield Star - November 20th, 1986
And we all lived happily ever after...well...not quite.
Reality set in as soon as we returned. I don't know what happened to most people after the truck push, whether they found work or remained unemployed. I was lucky, I called my boss and got my old job back the day after I returned. But I lost touch with almost everyone, and forgot many of their names too. Sorry.

One Year Later...
Rodney Creasey Eric and Frank present Rodney with special equipment that can record TV with the subtitles, allowing him to pause it and read the subtitles at his own speed.
It sounds like simple equipment, but I'm sure it was a big help to him.
Rodney Creasey Mark and Rodney, after the presentation.
World Record Truck Push Sheffield Star - August, 1987
As you read many of the newspaper articles, you'll find a lot of conflicting information about how much money the Truck Push actually raised for charity. The goal was to raise £500,000, but in the end we raised £30,000.
World Record Truck Push Sheffield Star - September, 1987
One year later a small group of us visited Hazelbarrow School in Sheffield and presented them with cheques totaling £29,000 we raised. Half went directly to the school and the rest to the National Deaf Children's Society.