November 1991 - September 1992
(127 images)

The diary I kept during my round-the-world trip has been essential for me to put this story together, there's no doubt that most of these stories would have been forgotten without it. But the diary was a lot more than just a written log, in it I kept tickets, beer labels, horoscopes, postage stamps and other souvenirs as a way of remembering the places I visited. I could easily spend a couple of hours a day writing, so nothing was forgotten.

Five months into the trip, while I was traveling through Nigeria, I began drawing pictures too. The first sketch (Tarzan) was inspired by a couple of men that I sat next to in a bar who were watching a corny Tarzan movie on TV and arguing about Tarzan's chances of saving a girl from a hoard of jungle warriors. The film was crap, but the two men were having a lot of fun watching it, so the sketch was drawn as a way to remember the day without having to read the whole story.

It was a very small beginning...a stick figure Tarzan swinging on a stumpy looking tree, but that simple picture still brings back a lot of memories about the day. So as I travelled more, I started spending more time drawing and the sketches gradually got better. This is the complete collection of all the sketches taken from my diary, all 124 of them, good and bad...